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Definition and causes

Narrowing or leakage of cardiac tricuspidalklap, which sits right between pre and right arteries are rare conditions. Narrowing of trikuspidalklappen often seen with rheumatic disease and occurs as often in conjunction with other folding diseases of the heart. Leakage in tricuspidalklappen caused most magnification of the right half due to heart disease in cardiac left half, but can also occur as a result of the disease in the lungs (eg. Pulmonary embolism).

Symptoms of trikuspidalstenose and insuffiens

The diseased heart valve leading to the heart must work against a growing load, and therefore developed over time symptoms of right sided heart failure.

Complications of trikuspidalstenose and insuffiens

As the right sided heart failure worsens, the symptoms can be debilitating and life-threatening. As with other diseases of the heart valves, there is increased tendency for infection in cardiac valve, and you have to take special precautions against it (see Bacterial endokarditis.

Treatment of trikuspidalstenose and insuffiens

Treatment depends on how severe the symptoms of right sided heart failure is. When few or no symptoms, it is usually not necessary to deal with. There can be treated with Diuretics, which would counteract the tendency for fluid retention. Surgical intervention may be envisaged by severe symptoms of leakage in the fold, which adds a biological flap (see To replace a heart valve).


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