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Definition and causes

Mitralklappen, who sits on the left side of the heart, left between pre and left arteries, closes normally close when the heart drawn together to pump blood into the body and thus prevent the blood from running backwards (see cardiac valve). By mitralprolaps is mitralklappen slightly deformed and bend back in pre left. This may allow a little bit of blood running backwards to the pre-chamber (see mitralinsufficiens). Mitralprolaps is common, and can be seen most h

Symptoms of mitralprolaps

Mitralprolaps often produces no symptoms, and most people are unaware of their condition. If there are symptoms, they are often volatile in intensity and can include:

  • Dizziness.

  • Fainting spells.

  • Sharp, left chest pain.

  • Palpitations.

Diagnosis of mitralprolaps

The diagnosis made by the doctor listens to the heart of a Stethoscope and hear a distinctive murmur. It included an ECG, which measures the heart electric shock. The diagnosis is usually made mitralprolaps finally, with cardiac valve movements examined by an ultrasound examination (echocardiography). If there are also episodes of heart palpitations, can be supplemented with a 24-hour ECG measurement.

Treatment of mitralprolaps

Most of mitralprolaps need no treatment. If complications arise, for example. in the form of irregular heartbeat, may be given medicine to counteract this. The mode is usually no influence on life expectancy, but in very rare cases can be developed mitralinsufficiens, which may affect the prognosis.

As with other diseases in cardiac valve is a risk of bacterial endokarditis in connection with surgery and tooth extraction, so it is important to inform the doctor or dentist about the condition. Such interventions are treated with preventive antibiotics to the bacteria, which inevitably will be transferred to the blood associated with surgery, less able to book themselves to the sick heart valve.




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