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Definition and causes

Aortaklappen, who sits on the left side of the heart, the aorta (hovedpulsåren) and left arteries, prevents the blood from running back into the heart between heart forecasts (see cardiac valve). By aortastenose run blood through a narrow, or abnormally thickened, aortaklap. This extra load on the heart left half lead to heart walls thicken, and in the long term development of the left heart failure.

At the same time reduces the heart's ability to manage blood into the coronary arteries pulse, which is cardiac blood supply. This may cause symptoms of lack of oxygen in the heart (see symptoms). Aortastenose mostly due to age changes and calcification in aortaklappen. Less often caused by the state rheumatic fever, congenital anomaly (see Inborn aortastenose), or may be a result of bacterial endokarditis. Aortastenose seen three times as frequently in men as in women.

Symptoms of Aortastenose

Mild cases of aortastenose is often asymptomatic, but there are usually developed symptoms, as the throat worse. The main symptoms are shortness of breath, chest tightness, possibly. with radiation to the jaw and left arm (which at heart spasm), and fainting. These symptoms appear usually associated with physical activity, but may by severe aortastenose also be present at rest.

Complications of Aortastenose

Is there no signs of aortastenosen, the disease has a good prognosis without surgery. In more serious cases of aortastenose, with one or more of these symptoms, 50% are alive after 2-3 years. Untreated, the more serious aortastenose cause the heart is enlarged, and there can be adjacent complications disturbances in heart rhythm, heart seizures, heart attack or sudden death.

Diagnosis of Aortastenose

Aortastenose often discovered by chance by a general medical examination, since the beginning is often no symptoms. The diagnosis made by the doctor listens to the heart after a characteristic murmur, taking X-rays of the chest, ECG, and echocardiography (an ultrasound examination, where you can see heart movement). A hjertekateterisering, where a catheter from the groin to introduce the left side of the heart to measure the pressure conditions of the heart and thus the severity of the stone Osen, k

Treatment of Aortastenose

Since minority aortastenose often develop into significant disease, it is important to follow up developments of the throat, even if there are no symptoms. This is done, for example. with ultrasound examination of the heart (ekkokardigrafi) every two years. If the examination reveals significant narrowing, carried out checks more frequently.

As with other diseases in cardiac valve is a risk of bacterial endokarditis in connection with surgery and tooth extraction, so it is important to inform the doctor or dentist about the condition. Such interventions are treated with preventive antibiotics to the bacteria, which inevitably will be transferred to the blood associated with surgery, less able to book themselves to the sick heart valve.

Various forms of medical treatment can be used.
Blood thinners, such as prevention against an increased tendency to clot, must be considered. Diuretic medicines, which helps the body to excrete water and salts can be used in this trend for fluid in the lungs or the body in general. Medicine, which regulates heart rhythm, can also become an issue if there are disturbances in heart rhythm caused by aortastenosen.

A heart valve surgery might be the case if there is, or has been, symptoms as mentioned above, or throat are particularly serious at the ultrasound examination of the heart. The elected generally a mechanical heart valve for younger patients and a biological (for example, a svineaortaklap) to the elderly. After such an operation provides lifelong blood treatment, as prevention against the increased tendency to clot caused by the artificial beach.


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