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The heart contains valves, which rectifier blood flow (see the heart valves). Narrowing of the heart lung flap (pulmonalstenose) is a rare phenomenon, and it is almost always on a congenital malformation of the heart flip.

Symptoms of pulmonalstenose

The degree of narrowing count for the severe symptoms. In severe narrowing newborn can be seencyanosisIe. blåfarvning of skin and mucous membranes (eg lips), which is a sign of severe lack of oxygen. Heart flaw discovered more often at the heart of stetoskopi heard a rough murmur of the heart.

Treatment of pulmonalstenose

The acute treatment of the newborns with severe narrowing, which includes medical treatment counter iltmanglen. The introduction of a thin tube into the heart, which made a ballonudviddelse of the throat, has proven to be effective in many cases. In particular severe cases cleave throat using a more extensive surgery.

Leakage in the heart lung flap (pulmonalinsufficiens) is also rare and is most commonly caused by high pressure in the pulmonary circulation, for example. due to the second lung disease. The underlying disease dominates the disease.

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