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Definition and causes

Aortaklappen, who sits on the left side of the heart, the aorta (hovedpulsåren) and left arteries, prevents the blood from running back into the heart between heart forecasts (see cardiac valve).

Aortainsufficiens occurs when there is a leak in the fold. This happens return of a portion of the blood and heart must work harder to pump enough blood to the body. This extra load on the heart left half lead to heart walls thicken, and in length can be developed left heart failure.

The most common causes of leakage in aortaklappen of infection in the fold (see bacterial endokarditis), rheumatic fever or congenital malformation. Less visible mode as a result of high blood pressure.

Symptoms of aortainsufficiens

The disease can be here long, with no symptoms. Shortness of breath is the main symptom in the beginning, especially during physical exertion, later at rest, as well as nocturnal breathlessness and sweating. When blood pressure measurement is a high blodtryksamplitude, ie. big difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure. By stetoskopi of heart heard a characteristic murmur, and then an ultrasound examination of the heart (echocardiography), who finally can make the diagnosis.

Treatment of aortainsufficiens

Even in severe aortainsufficiens there is a good prognosis if none of the above symptoms. Regular checks in hospital with ultrasound scanning of the heart is recommended. The prevention against bacterial endokarditis is important. Medical treatment given to all known aortainsufficiens. In severe disease can be surgical treatment out of the question, the operation is in principle the same as at aortastenose.


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