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Definition and causes

Mitralklappen, who sits on the left side of the heart, left between pre and left arteries, closes normally close when the heart drawn together to pump blood into the body and thus prevent the blood from running backwards (see cardiac valve).

By mitralinsufficiens joins the fold does not close, and allows blood to leak back into pre-chamber. This forces the heart to work harder to pump blood into the body, and in length can be developed left heart failure.

Mitralinsufficiens occurs after bacterial endokarditis, and after rheumatic fever, which often is simultaneously mitral stenosis. Other reasons are mitralprolaps, heart attack, or it may be a congenital disorder.

Symptoms of mitralinsufficiens

For mild mitralinsufficiens can remain asymptomatic throughout life. For more serious mitralinsufficiens are the first symptoms usually:

  • Fatigue for no reason.

  • Shortness of breath during exertion.

  • Palpitations.

Eventually may develop symptoms of heart failure.

Complications of mitralinsufficiens

Leaking unit in mitralklappen forcing the heart to work harder, and the heart is enlarged with time. This may lead to disturbances in heart rhythm (see forkammerflimmer), which makes the blood is not pumped out pre suffice, which can form blood clots, which at worst can sit down in the brain (see blood clot in the brain).


The diagnosis made by the doctor listens to the heart of a Stethoscope and hear a distinctive murmur. It takes an X-ray of the chest that can indicate a possible. enlarged heart, and recorded an ECG, which measures the heart electric shock. The diagnosis mitralinsufficiens finally made using an ultrasound examination of the heart (echocardiography), who can examine mitralklappens movements.

Treatment of mitralinsufficiens

There used primarily medical treatment, for example, Diuretics, which help the body to excrete water and salts can be used in this trend for fluid in the lungs or the body in general. There is good prognosis if the medical treatment applied before the heart takes serious injury.

As with other diseases in cardiac valve is a risk of bacterial endokarditis in connection with surgery and tooth extraction, so it is important to inform the doctor or dentist about the condition. Such interventions are treated with preventive antibiotics to the bacteria, which inevitably will be transferred to the blood associated with surgery, less able to book themselves to the sick heart valve.

If the heart in particular is found to be encumbered by leaking unit in mitralklappen, an operation which attempts to reconstruct mitralklappen used. If it is not possible to reconstruct the fold, a subsequent added folding (see cardiac surgery).


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