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Definition and causes

Wrong fetal position, usually called irregular fetal presentation, is when the fetus in the womb is not, as it frequently does, and thus hamper or in some cases hinder a normal birth.

The vast majority of births take place in the fetus is with the head first and face down, so that the mind is first out. About 90% of births take place in this way, and it is by far the easiest way in which the fetus can pass through the narrow birth canal. Frequently the fetus to end down and head up until late pregnancy. Within the past 3 weeks, the fetus turn, so that the head facing downward and will come out at birth.

Roughly speaking, the irregular fetal presentations divided intoseat position (breech presentation)andforehead / facial presentations. The latter are subdivided further. In breech presentation, the fetus is not reversed, and it is the end downwards towards the entrance to the birth canal. For forehead / facial presentation is the child of the face or forehead against fødsleskanalens entry, either on their backs or in the abdomen.

The most common causes of abnormal fetal presentation, especially breech presentation, is premature birth. See the article Birth of a more detailed description of fetal passage through the birth canal.












Symptoms of incorrect fetal position

There are no signs that the fetus is irregular.

Precautions and incorrect diagnosis of fetal position

If the fetus has not turned over the last 3 weeks, and therefore lies in the breech presentation, it was discovered by the midwife feel the abdomen through.
Births bins and facial birth was discovered when the birth has started, and the midwife felt through the vagina on the child's head.

Consideration of the wrong embryo position

Often you will try to reverse the fetus, so it will lie with their heads down. This is done in the last weeks of pregnancy, birth by a doctor trying to manipulate the fetus around outside. It succeeds in about half of the cases.

Birth of children in the face presentation or brow presentation may cause protracted birth and require the use of tools at birth.

Select and complications

Face and forehead presentations usually only leads to protracted birth and use of tools. In some cases, emergency Caesarean be necessary if the child for example. lack of oxygen during birth.

Births in breech presentations at many hospitals is an indication for a planned Caesarean. Some hospitals specializing in bringing children into the world of breech presentation, and if the mother wants it, she can be referred to one such hospial, if possible. This type of births carried out only if you expect that it will be komplikationsfri, ie. For example, if there is a big baby, or if it is judged that there is a risk of giving birth

Preventing wrong fetal position

There is no preventative measures that can be made.




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