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The normal pregnancy lasts on average 40 weeks (38-42). In the last trimester (the last third of pregnancy), particularly towards the end, the woman can start getting sporadic contractions of the uterus calledplukvéer. These come in variable intervals, and gives a pain in the lower part of the stomach and loins. They are not the beginning of birth. As this happens a change in the tissue of the cervix, which curtailed, and cervical opening begins slowly expanding. In the days before the birth departing often a mucus plug, accompanied by a little blood. This stopper has been in the cervix.

Birth divided into 3 periods:

  1. Udvidningsperioden.

  2. Uddrivningsperioden.

  3. After Byrds period.


Udvidningsperioden goods from the cervical opening begins to expand, for it is at its maximum, approximately. 10 cm, and the midwife is no longer with your fingers can feel the transition between the vagina and cervix. The opening is made with ½ to 2 cm each. hours, and lasts up to 12 to 14 hours, a little shorter in multidose. In the first part of this period is véerne been regular, but still not as painful. In the second half of udvidningsfasen take véerne up, coming more frequently and become

At the end of udvidningsperioden child's head is usually at the bottom basin. It has completed the rotation is going on when the child passes down through the birth canal. The first piece of limited anatomical pelvic bones, and the little oval opening location makes the child here will lie with the face turned towards ago. Through the birth canal will head usually rotate 90 degrees, and face pointing towards the mother's back. If the rotation is not as usual, would result in the la


By udvidningsperiodens end is the maximum extension, the cervix is wiped out, and the child's head resting on the basin bottom, so you could see it through the vagina entrance in the right position (with the face against the mother's back). Now uddrivningsperioden begin. Expulsion should not be too quick, as it gives greater risk of failures of mellmkødet and vagina wall. In some cases it may allow lesions in the closing muscles in the anus and the urethra.

In uddrivningsfasen hælper midwife child's head off, and when the nose and mouth is out, the child's airways cleaned. Subsequently rotated child, shoulders redeemer one at a time, and the body is usually reltivt easy.

After Byrds Period

Then start after town period, which usually lasts around. 15 minutes, until the placenta is born. Cord is cut, and the child examined. If there is no reason why it should be under medical treatment, for example due to lack of oxygen, can then put the child in the mother. The placenta is born, still with the help of the mother is pressing, and with a slight drag in the umbilical cord from the midwife. Then examined the placenta, and exploring whether there are any defects that might indicate




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