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Definition and causes

Bleeding in the town after the period should not occur. If there is bleeding from the vagina, pay attention and act relatively quickly. This is because, if the bleeding comes from inside the womb, the woman may have already lost some blood. As the uterus is large and escaped after birth, it can contain significant amounts of blood and until the moment it is filled, the bleeding could be observed.

Some of the causes may be:

Relax womb:When the placenta has moved away, leaving it an area that is bleeding. This will usually fairly quickly stop when the uterus pulling together and compress the area. Failing this, there may be some bleeding.

Lesions in the uterus, vagina or mellemkød:At birth, there may be damage at birth canal and in the flesh (or who may have been an episiotomy), which can be soft.

Inversio uterine:Is a rare condition where the uterus has been "turned inside out," and you can see the inside of the uterus through the vagina.

Medical bleeding:For example, if, through the placenta years, has come fostervand (possibly tilblandet child's stool) into the woman's blood path (called fostervandsemboli). This can lead to a disruption in the blood's ability to solidify (DIC). This is relatively rare.

Symptoms of bleeding in the town after the period

The symptoms are primarily the bleeding. There were symptoms that may be of anemia, ie. dizziness and shortness of breath. Especially the very rare fostervandsemboli gives blåfarvning, difficulty breathing and awareness neurological symptoms as weakness or confusion. The latter mode allows very fast symptoms.

Treatment of bleeding in the town after the period

The primary treatment is to ensure that the woman is stable. If she has lost so much blood that she is influenced by what she must lie with the legs lifted, and have infused fluid and possibly. blood.

Relax with uterine bleeding:If bleeding is because the uterus is lax, and it's bleeding from the place where the placenta was sitting, can be injected a synthetic hormone that causes the uterus to tighten. If this is not enough, you can provide a synthetic prostaglandin.

Lesions in the birth canal or mellemkød:These injuries must be financially dependent, possibly. by the doctor or midwife syer them.

Inversio uterine:Uterus must be put in place in full anesthesia.

Fostervandsemboli:Requires that the woman be closely monitored on an intensive care unit and possibly. is connected to a respirator. In addition, any. infection and bleeding disorders are treated.




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