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Definition and causes

A premature birth is the birth of at least 3 weeks before the expected birth,dates. Dates defined as 40 weeks from last menstrual first day.Premature birthSo birth before the end of the 37th gestation week. We are talking about extremely premature birth, when it is before 28 weeks About 5% of all births happen early, and it is a little more often boys, who are born prematurely. If there is expected twins, who are more likely to come to the food too early, and by triplets, the risk is even greater. Mothers who live in poor social conditions, have a hard physical work is very stressful or smoke, are more likely to feed the EX

Some of the children born prematurely, are deformed or born prematurely due to complications of pregnancy such as. pregnancy poisoning, placenta solution or settlement breathtaking placenta. In other cases, the cause of premature birth as a loose cervix or a blærebetændelse. Finally, premature birth due to the fact that they choose to put in the time before birth dates because of danger to the child or the mother's life.

Symptoms of premature birth

A pre-term birth is indicated by:

  • Pain.

  • Veer.

  • The water goes (see also Premature departure of fetal water).

  • Cervix shortened and begins to open up before the 37th week.

  • Hosp. bleeding from the vagina.

Precautions and diagnosis

By suspicion of birth is about to get started too early, you should immediately turn on the food department, where a doctor and / or a midwife will assess whether the birth is underway. This is done by feel in your stomach and feel if there are contractions of the uterus. Also inspected the cervix with sterile instruments to see if this is beginning to expand, and the water is gone. This is done by a gynecological examination. Hosp. Prepare an ultrasound to assess how much

Treatment of premature birth

You can not stop a birth, which has begun, but it can inhibit veerne with medicine (beta receptor stimulants), so that birth can be delayed for a few days. This may allow time for them to reach to give any medication, which matures child's lungs (adrenal cortical hormones), if it is before 34 weeks, and you may want. move the mother to a hospital where there is a section for children born prematurely. If there is a danger to mother or child to an ordinary birth will be put Caesarean.

If only the water is gone, and there are labor pains, should be given antibiotics to the mother because there is great risk that may arise infection inside the uterus, which can be very serious for both mother and child. (See also Premature departure of fetal water)

If the woman has a loose cervix, can you create a so-calledcerklageHow to make the stitching around the cervix to make it stronger. These stitch must be removed again when approaching the period.

A blærebetændelse in late pregnancy should be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible.

Select and complications

Birth precursor mostly normal, but depending on the child's age can subsequently be problems for the child. The child's birth weight will be low when the child is not complete adult. The earlier a child is born, the greater is the risk that the child may have problems due to immature bodies. In particular, there are often problems with the lungs do not work well enough if the baby is born before the 34th week The children can not yet producesurfaktant, Which is the substance that makes the small air bladders in the lungs can be kept open.

Most children born prematurely may not suck at her breast, but must have food (preferably breast milk as the mother has milked out) through a probe. Children who are born prematurely are more likely to have jaundice, and the child is more susceptible to infections.

In children who are born before 28 weeks, there will be more easily small bleeding in the brain, which can be an open ductus arteriosus, and they can have a very serious bowel disease, callednecrotizingenterokolit. In addition, they have problems with vision, because the eye retina is not complete.

If the reason that the birth is premature is that there has been pregnancy complications, for example. pregnancy poisoning, placenta solution or settlement breathtaking placenta may cause problems for the mother in accordance with due process blood loss, infection or convulsions as a result of pregnancy poisoning.








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