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Definition and cause

One part consists of two or more cartilage clad bone ends that can move relative to each other within a ledkapsel. This may be surrounded by reinforcing ligaments. If the two ledflader on the bones quickly forced apart, and then again returns to its normal position, may get easier forstrækning or damage to the ligaments and capsule called a sprain.
Sprain is frequent and occurs frequently in the sport. The faster a twisting run exposed, the greater the risk of a severe sprain.
All part of a ledkapsel can in principle sprain, but it is seen most frequently in the ankle, finger and knee.
When damage to the ligaments, there will be an internal bleeding around the injury.
In severe cases, a complete rupture ligaments (rump), or which may arise fracture (fracture) in connection with the incident.


Symptoms of sprain

It will clearly be felt when one exposes a part of an unnatural motion, which gives a sprain. There will be pain in the area and managed to lift up. You may have impaired movement in the run, partly because of pain, partly because of swelling. You may experience a feeling of lack of control, insecurity and unemployment in the run. Bleeding will show up as redness and swelling and blåfarvning later as the skin.
If the ligaments are torn over, or at the same time, fracture, there may be unemployment in the run medical examination. There can also be found fault position of managed.


Precautions and diagnosis

Do we have the weak links and tend to sprain, it may be appropriate to use supportive elastic towels or sports tape in connection with the sport. Obviously it is important to avoid burdening his part in the outer positions or twisting.
After a sprain rehabilitation is an important measure (see treatment).
The diagnosis is often made from sick story, joint appearance and the patient's expressions of pain. It can be hard to see if there simultaneously is something broken, and therefore there will usually be led by an X-ray. This may also prove or exclude the error position.
There can sometimes be a need for the use of MRI or a kikkertundersøgelse to see if the ligaments are intact (for example. Korsbåndsskade at the knee).


Treatment of sprain

For small sprain, it will often be enough to deal with after the so-calledRICE principle:
  • R (o): To tendons and joint capsules ligaments can be whole, it is important not to use managed with the same. Pain will often put a natural end to too much activity.
  • I (s): To counteract the bleeding and swelling, it is important to put an ice-repackaging of managed. Ice may initially also help soothe the pain. However, avoid direct contact between skin and ice as it may freezing. It must be the same purposes, max refrigeration 20 minutes per hour. Refrigeration may be beneficial, as long as there is rest pain.

    C (ompression): A compression counter swelling and provide support for the uncertain part.
  • E (levation): By lifting the damaged part of heart height can be an excessive blood flow, and thereby avoid unnecessary bruising and swelling.
You can slowly begin to use guided when the pain is the customer.
Are there signs of a major sprain, or is the worst pain is not over after a few days, you should consult a doctor for a thorough investigation, if necessary. with X-ray, which can exclude fractures.
Depending on which part is sprain, there are various supportive dressings and rails to relieve and support led.
In severe sprain, it may be necessary to plaster managed to give it rest.
Operation might be the case if the capsule and ligaments are torn over. Led plaster post for several weeks, after which they switch to support towels and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation begins.
Your doctor may prescribe a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that takes the pain and help the swelling. For example. ipren or ibuprufen.
Rehabilitation is very important, after you have a forstrakt ligaments. Bungee training or training on the seesaw board can help rebuild the ligaments in the natural function to prevent unnatural movements in the run.


Complications and course

Any sprain can cause other damage to the joints and adjacent bone.
A forstrakt ligaments can be staggering, and we can develop a tendency to recurrent sprain of the same part.
Unnaturally wear (which repeated sprain) on the cartilage-clad ledflader ultimately lead to the development of osteoarthritis of the run.




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