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Sport Unfoldment may, in addition to strengthening the body, sometimes also be a strain on your body. Improper training or training can increase the risk of damage to muscles, joints and bones. There may be various types of damage related to sports. The most common are:
  • Sprain.
  • Pulled Muscle.
  • Ligaments injuries.
  • Broken bones (fractures).

There are certain factors that increase the risk of injury. In the early season is witnessing an excess incidence of injuries. Started the season up with the rigorous, exposed muscles and joints, which has had a træningsfri period, for an overload, which may cause damage. The same is seen in utrænede people, and among people who start too hard up after an injury break.
Even if you are in good form, can cause damage. Switches Monday for another sport, affecting the joints and muscles in a different way than the previous exerted sport, can also cause damage.
Many injuries seen by faulty heating.
Even with proper training and start-up primer warming can never completely exclude the risk of accidents.
Will Monday hit by injury in sports development, we should take it calmly and not try to come back too quickly. Sprain, bone and muscle damage could worsen significantly with continued sport. Scratches and smårifter can often banda discharged, and sport can be resumed.
Most sports injuries can be treated byRICE principle(Ro, Ice, Compression and Elevation) (see also treatment for the individual damages). Customer pain but not significantly within a few days, it's a good idea to consult a doctor for a thorough assessment of the damage.
By damaging some part where a sharp pain and swelling of the same, it is wise to consult a doctor to rule out serious damage to the part, bone or ligaments. Sounds are audible smæld, there are obvious errors or fractures position should seek immediate medical attention.
Damage in joints, bones and muscles can be seen by X-ray, CT, MRI and / or ultrasound. By some joint is the doctor would have to create a kikkertundersøgelse of managed, a so-called artroskopi.
Many sports injuries require a period of rehabilitation of muscles and joints after the injury has healed up.
It may unfortunately be necessary to stop his sport, if you are suffering the same injury repeatedly. The damaged tissue will often be a bit weaker after it has grown together, and the risk of further injury of the same species are therefore increased. After the damage of joints have increased risk for later development of osteoarthritis (artrose).


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