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Definition and cause

Muscles, stemming from the forearm and place, manages the function of hands and feet. These muscles end up in long strong tendons, which runs past the hand and ankle joint, and booklets on hand or finger, respectively. feet or toes. Via senerne can muscles as a tovspil manage the movement of the limbs.
Postponed Monday for severe injuries or cuts in these areas can be so unfortunate, in whole or in part to cut more than a tendon. Aside from the wound can be dramatic, and may have damaged other structures, as will a complete over diced or jumped late (seneruptur) result in the loss of its function.
Partial surface tendons can, if they remain in use, develop into full seneruptur.


Symptoms of tendon injury

It is very clear for the individual, if a late burst. There will bepainAndimmediate loss of function, For example. it may be impossible to bend or sterilization a finger fully. The muscle that draws in the tendon, will creep same, since there is no longer any response, and it will be seen as a muscular bulge. If the large upper muscle (biceps) burst viewed it as a "skipper horror-arm".
A partially broken late addition to pain will give areduced functionof muscle. By some late than drawing injuries, the strong tendon pulling a piece of the bone, as it sits on (a afsprængning). The tendon is still intact, but there has been a fracture, and senens function has been lifted.


Treatment of tendon injuries

The diagnosis is made relatively simple by the physician in the emergency room. Late damage will often be accompanied by a wound cut by accident, and will often be possible to see a part of diced late in the wound. In a seneruptur will be lifted function, and you have to possibly exclude a fracture, if it is not about cutting accident, but a afsprængning.
If a tendon is completely broken into pieces, you will often choose to sew the two late-ends together. It requires a greater or lesser surgery, depending on senens size. Then follow the plaster or shine treatment, the tendon fixed, so there are no features on it.

A part of diced late, and get complete rupture, can be treated by side or plaster treatment, which ends placed so that they have contact with each other, and therefore has the opportunity to grow together. However, you may need to sew part of crack tendons together.
Plaster or rail-reading is a lengthy process, because senevæv grows slowly.


Select and complications

Most rump ready tendons grow easily together. However, healed take a long time. If the late fixing is closed too early, there is a risk that injury break up. It may happen that a damaged tendon can lead to subsequent stiffness and loss of movement, for example. a finger.






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