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Definition and cause

In a overstækning of a muscle can be one or more fibers inside the muscle rupture. This is called a fibersprængning. Over Rives whole muscle, called it a muskelruptur. This is seen rarely, because it requires a lot of energy, and the condition is more serious.
Fiber explosions are very common, and they often occur in sport, especially after insufficient heating. Explosions of muscle fibers may be seen in other situations where the muscle is stretched. The older you get, the more increases one's risk of developing a fibersprængning.


Symptoms of fibersprængning

In less than loads of muscle you can get a muscle-forstrækning. It gives rarely more symptoms, and heal quickly at rest.
If the muscle fiber rather burst, you will immediately feel a twinge in the muscle, and there will lie with pain. Inside the muscle comes a bleeding, and this will in the skin could be seen as a bruise. As the bleeding will highlight the field.
If muscle rump (over demolished), which may sound a smæld, and the pain can be very strong. There can be seen an increase in muscle bulge, where the ruptured muscle has pulled together.



In sport, it is important to have a thorough warming of the muscles. The warmer and more flexible muscles are, the less the risk of a fibersprængning.

Do we have the tendency of fiber explosions, you can use elastic bandage or creams that keep the muscles warm. The older you are, and the worse condition they are in, the more attention should be.



Treatment of fibersprængning

Lightweight fiber explosions and forstrækninger is possible to treat themselves. There are four things that are important.
  1. The area should haverestto convalesce.
  2. Arepackaging of icewill reduce bleeding and swelling, and can simultaneously relieve the pain. It is important not to put ice directly on the skin, but to have a tea towel or similar to put another to be freezing. It must have maximum damage is at twenty minutes per hour. As long as there is rest pain, ice may help.
  3. Compressionin the form of elastic bandage. This will reduce swelling. However, it is important not to compress too much, as compression, combined with internal bleeding, may increase pressure in the muscle, as veins, arteries and nerves afklemmes.
  4. To prevent swelling, it is prudent topromisethe damaged heart of the body height. This run is not so much blood to the muscle, and swelling are minimized.
After a few days of rest, you can easily begin rehabilitation.
Your doctor may prescribe by major injuries physiotherapy and longer rest breaks. It may be necessary to make use of crutches or arm sling (arm sling). For pain and swelling can take medication in the form of non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, which as Ibuprufen, Ibumetin or Ipren.
By muskelruptur operative treatment is needed.



If there is a major bleeding, pressure may be in muscle gallery become so large that it afklemmer veins, arteries and nerves. It is a serious condition calledcompartmentsyndrome, And treatment is an operation where the surgeon slits muskelhinden, so the pressure eased. Carried out this action does not, can be woven go to the land.





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