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Definition and cause

Areal partdefined by having a ledkapsel, which surrounds a ledhule between bone ends. Movement is possible between the bones in a real context. Bone ends (ledfladerne) in a context has a natural position in the neutral position and can derudfra move within certain limits.
If these limits are exceeded, can cause subluksationer (small ledskred) or outright ledskred (luksation). Some part that does not include ledhule and ledkapsel (spurious part), May also take, for example. ledene between ryghvivlerne.
Luksation seen mainly in connection with an accident in which ledfladerne forced unnaturally apart. This leads forstrækninger and failures of ligaments, which the exposed bone is part of. A luksation will result in an error position and lifted function headed. In addition, there was damage to surrounding ledkapsel, articular cartilage, muscle, blood vessels and / or nerves. There may also arise fracture, fracture.
By congenital hofteluksation, there is an increased risk of later luksationer in lap led. Genetic disposition to relax ledkapsler (hyper-mobility) and poor connective tissue can lead to increased incidence of luksationer. Ledegigt can also provide risk ledskred.
In a luksation destroyed ledkapslen. The whole can up with arvæv, although not as strong as the original tissue. There is also a risk that the capsule will be more lax than before. This gives an increased risk of another luksation in the same context.
In severe cases can cause a so-called habituel luksation how to be very little to run before luks. It may be more common in the shoulder and kæbeled.


Symptoms of ledskred

A luksation accompanied by the following symptoms:
  • Intense pain that arises from the breach of ledkapslen, and / or expression of tissue destruction and the second error position in the run.
  • Visible fault position.
  • Impaired function of run.
  • Swelling and redness.
At the same time, lesion of a nerve can be reduced tactile sense and / or muscular in the area.
Ledbruskskader can provide so-called mouse in the run, and led may then lock themselves (locking).
By lesion of a blood vessel seen internal bleeding.
Broken bones (fractures) and muscle damage may cause symptoms such as pain and disability.


Precautions and diagnosis

Do we have the tendency to ledskred in any context, it is extremely important with thorough muscle training of the surrounding muscles. You should also avoid situations which might compromise led to a grant position and provoke a ledskred. You may need to avoid certain sports, but other sports as swimming and cycling as may be beneficial for muscle training.
In the context where possible (eg. Knuckle), it may be appropriate to use supportive Volume or tape in the event of the sport.
Going out for a ledskred, must be guided into place (response). It is important that we do not even try reponering, as they may further damage to the bone or other tissue, particularly when taking fracture. One should seek immediate medical or emergency room. It is important not to eat or drink anything because reponering possible. be made to complete the stunning, where it is important that your stomach is empty.
The diagnosis is made mostly of simple doctor because of the strong pain, reduced joint function and visible fault position. In most cases, doctors take an X-ray of managed to get an overview of ledskredet and to exclude any. bone fracture.


Treatment of ledskred

Treatment must be carried out by a doctor. Patients with frequent luksationer is often even able to put the chain in place. But even in these cases, one should visit the emergency room view. to have an X-ray that can show whether there is any damage in connection with luksationen.
Depending on which part is luks, your doctor will choose an adequate anesthesia. In large part as hip and skulderled it may be necessary to put the patient in full anesthetic to get the big muscles around led to relax. Fingerledsluksationer can be processed in a small local anesthetic, where each finger anesthetics.
After reponering Fix led by rail, plaster or fling. Fixing No one should not be prolonged (maximum three weeks), as this can provide for limitations in joint movement.
Then, boot rehabilitation possible. in consultation with a physiotherapist. Proper rehabilitation is very important as prevention of repeated ledskred.
Some luksationer can be so serious that it requires surgery to bring ledfladerne back into place. Do we have the tendency to repeat ledskred, an operation where the ligaments and ledkapsel tightened, remain a possibility.
Lesions in the nervous, cardiovascular and / or bone often require quick operation.

Complications and course

In a luksation it is feared that it develops into a habituel mode, which led luks by even a very small load. This can be debilitating, and each episode is very painful.
By ledskred in anterograde, moving forward can damage the spinal cord, which can lead to paralysis (see damage to the spinal cord).
Damage to nerves of arm or leg seen by shoulder respectively. hofteluksation.
The final stage after a luksation is often osteoarthritis (artrose), which takes many years before it developed.
By a simple ledskred and proper rehabilitation, it is often possible to get full function and movement back in the run.


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