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A vækstdiagram is a way to monitor whether a child grows, as it should. There are different vækstdiagrammer, which can be entered different goals for the child's growth. In the first months is often used a vækstdiagram, which can be entered values for weight, height and hovedomfang in relation to the child's age. Later used most height and weight in relation to age. You can also look at weight compared to height.

A doctor or healthcare indtegner values for each contact, the child is with them. There thus obtained a curve for the child's growth. On vækstdiagrammet is taken up standardkurver the normal child's growth. The child should preferably follow the normal curves. However, this does not necessarily something if a child who from birth was small, below-average. It is just important that it does not differ from his own baskets. Any deviation from the child's own trend may be an indication that there is something child abuse . A difference of the child's hovedomfang in the first months of life should lead to investigation of whether the child has water in the head .

If a child is very different from the normal growth curves, there may be reason to explore what the reason for this is. In many cases caused by the hereditary conditions, if a child is large or small in proportion to his age. Small parents often have less children than larger parents. Differences in growth may also be due to inherited diseases that affect the child's hormones or knogleudvikling. It may also be due to malnutrition or serious diseases in the child.


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