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Børnemishandling would say that a child deliberately harmed either physically or mentally or sexually violated. The extent of child abuse in Denmark is estimated to be somewhat higher than those recorded because there are unfortunately many undiscovered cases. Every year there are children dying of ill-treatment in Denmark, and worldwide child abuse is a major problem.

Børnemishandling exist in various forms. There is talk of active and passive child abuse, and one can also divide in the physical, psychological or sexual abuse.

  • Active physical child abuse is that the child is physically harmed by violence. There is a specific syndrome, calledshaken baby syndrome, Which occurs when infants ruskes dramatically. There may thus be bleeding in the brain and eyes nethinder. Haemorrhages in the brain can at worst result in the child dies or becomes resistant. In addition, there may arise ribbensbrud because the person who rusket child, has held the hard flat on the child's chest. Another syndrome, seen in older children is calledbattered child syndromeWhere there will be various signs that the child has been beaten. There will be bruising, fractures or wounds around the child's body. In addition, some children exposed to being burned with cigarettes, scalded or tried suffocated.
  • Passive physical child abuse is a form of neglect where the child's needs are not met. It may, for example. be, if not given enough food or not brought for treatment when it is sick.
  • Mental child abuse includes threats of violence against the child, unnecessary very skældud or humiliation and ridicule of the child.
  • Sexual child abuse exists in many forms. There can be no blotteri, kiss or amorous, seeing seksualiserende. You may also contact the child or krænkerens sexual intercourse or enforced. In addition, child pornography and prostitution of children under the age of sexual child abuse.

Who exposed to child abuse?

Børnemishandling can occur in all social strata and in all cultures. Usually seen child abuse, however, in families that do not have as many resources. This refers in particular to young parents with low education and income. Furthermore, it is more frequently if the parents are abusers of alcohol or drugs. It occurs in some cases a vicious circle, as a part of the abused children, end up also to mistreat their own children. The perpetrators are most often the father, stedfaderen or the mother's boyfriend or

Signs of child abuse

  • Children often have signs of having been injured. For example. bruising, wounds or fractures.
  • Many visits to the hospital or in medical practice.
  • The story, about how the child were injured, is often unlikely.
  • The child will be more contained and anxiety, have poor self-esteem and may, if necessary. be aggressive. Older children often react with self-harm (eg. suicides, cut on the arms, sharply alcohol)
  • Sudden change in the child's behaviour or familiesamspillet.
  • Excessive unnatural interest in sex with a minor child. For example. seksualiserende play.
  • Behavior that did not fit alderstrinet. For example. childish talk or involuntary nocturnal urination

What do you do if you suspect child abuse?

It is part of the law that everybody becomes aware that a child or a young person under 18 years exposed to violence, neglect or sexual abuse, have a duty to inform the municipality. Persons who work with children and young people have an increased reporting, which means that their work must be alert to signs of child abuse and must report it if they find that the child is different from the normal. These people have the duty to report only on suspicion of

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