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Fosterets circulation

An embryo get oxygen and nutrients from the mother's blood, and the fetus waste is filtered out with the mother's blood. Mother's blood flowing through the placenta and supplying all the time that with oxygen. Fosterets blood flow through the umbilical cord into the placenta, which deliver waste to the mother's blood and absorb oxygen from the mother's blood. Moderkagen function as a kind of lung for the fetus. When the fetus oxygenated blood has been cleaned and run it back to the baby through the umbilical cord. Blo

Fosterets lungs are packed up immediately after birth, which unfolds in the context of the child's first breathing. While the lungs are packed, there is considerable resistance in lungernes circuits. This is why the blood headed out of the lungs and instead directly to the left part of the heart and out of the body. A small part of the oxygenated blood to run, however, in lungevævet so that this is also supplied with oxygen.

From the left part of the heart pumped blood into the fetus's body in the same way as in the adult body, however, pumped a part through navlesnoren and back to the mother's orbit. When the blood has been around the body and has delivered oxygen, which was tied to that pumped the blood back to the right part of the heart, where it is mixed with the oxygenated blood from the mother. The blood that circulates in the fetus's body, is tilblandet some of the uiltede blood, which has already been around the body. Therefore, the distress


Blodomløbet after birth
When the child is born, and navlesnoren is afklemt, the child is dependent on its own lungs to be oxygenated blood. Immediately after birth when the baby takes its first breath and crying, folded lungs out, and the pressure in lungekredsløbet fall. It is now lower than the pressure in the body's orbit, so the blood from the right hjertehalvdel pumped into lungekredsløbet. After a few weeks, the relations (foramen oval and the ductus arteriosus), which was directly between the right and left hjertehalvdel quite close

In some newborns can cause problems if the lungs can not unfold properly. This is seen by very prematurely born children (before 34 weeks), as these children do not produce surfactant, a drug that keeps the small luftblærer in the lungs open. In other children, there are problems with that relationship that was between right and left hjertehalvdel in fostertilværelsen, not closing like. by open ductus arteriosus . This is seen more often in prematurely born and means that some of the blood from the left hjertehalvdel pumped back to the right hjertehalvdel through the open connection instead of pumped into the body. This burden hearts, as it must work harder to pump a sufficient amount of blood in the body.

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