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Definition and causes

Constipation is defined as complicated or rare departure of stools. As shown, this is a very vague definition. The reason is that there may be significant differences between children afføringsmønster without that it is necessarily an expression of constipation or illness. For the same reason, the frequency of constipation uncertain, but we believe that 10% of all children at some time have had constipation.

Forstoppelsen called simple if you can not find any operative cause. Constipation can also arise in connection with the disease. Here, forstoppelsen often included as a symptom along with other, characteristic of the disease.

Medical diseasesThat can give constipation include:

  • Hypotyreose .

  • Hyperkalcæmi . By hyperkalcæmi there is too much calcium (lime) in the blood. It can be seen frequently by benign tumors in biskjoldbruskkirtlerne.

  • Celiac disease.

Surgical diseasesThat can give constipation include:

  • Hirschsprungs disease.
  • Analatresi .

  • Spina bifida .

  • Neuromuskulær disease. cerebral palsy .

  • Hæmorider.
  • Analfissur .

Symptoms of constipation

Constipation is found, as mentioned in the definition by:

  • Rare stools.

  • Besværet departure of stools.

There may also be other symptoms depending on the triggering cause (see links). By analfissur seentenesmi, Which is painful departure of stools. By hæmorider seen blood in the stools or in the toilet.

Constipation can also be the reason that the child can not keep on stools, enkoprese .

Precautions and diagnosis

If your child has symptoms of constipation, one should consult a doctor to have excluded any other illness as the reason for forstoppelsen and for treatment.

The doctor makes the diagnosis on the basis of sygehistorien and examination of the child. The doctor will focus on eliminating the previously mentioned reasons for constipation. The doctor will press the stomach and often could mark a filling (stools) in the investigation. The doctor marks with a finger in endetarmen, as will often be filled with faeces, which it is not normal. If there is suspicion of other illness as the reason for forstoppelsen, will be investigated for the suspected disease. The studies will depend on a

Treatment of constipation

Often, the first action may be a kostændring with increased intake of fluids, fibres and fruit. Often it is necessary to use laxatives (afføringsmidler), which are drugs that act on constipation. Some laxatives make stools more soft, which makes it easier passes. Other types stimulates muskelaktiviteten in the gut and thus increase the passage of stools. Some laxatives works both ways simultaneously. The treatment with laxatives goods in most cases 1-2 months.

If forstoppelsen is very pronounced, it may be necessary to empty the endetarmen by indhældning of oil or water. Then followed up with laksantiabehandling.

An important element of treatment in addition to diet and laxatives are fixed toilettider. after each meal. The child must go to the toilet, whether it feel afføringstrang or not. In this way, coached the gut in a more normal afføringsmønster, and the child is trained to sense when there is a need to go to the toilet.

Select and complications

Enkoprese is both a symptom and a complication of constipation. The diseases that can trigger constipation, progress and complications associated with the disease itself.

Simple constipation is the prognosis good. The progress, however, depends largely on the parents' attitude to the problem and the willingness to take action.

Prevention of constipation

It is important that the child's diet is rich in fruit, fibre and liquid. At the same time, plenty of exercise also a positive effect on the gut to keep going.



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