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Definition and causes

Spiserørsatresi is a malformation of the gullet, where there is no connection between the gullet and stomach. Misdannelsen occur in some. 1 in 3000 births.

There are different types of spiserørsatresi. By the most of them (87% of all cases), forming the upper part of the gullet a blind ending udposning, while the lower part, resulting in the trachea (a fistula). Misdannelsen means that the child can not sink either food or mucus. Slimen lands so in the trachea and can block, which gives the child breathing problems.

The reason for misdannelsen is unknown.

Symptoms of spiserørsatresi

Most newborns with this malformation has massive madningsproblemer with the same. They may have very opspyt or have some mucus in the mouth. Attempts to give the child food leads to the gullet make up, and the content flowing over and down the trachea, so the child begins to cough. If there is fisteldannelse to the trachea, breathing can be difficult, and the child may have a characteristic bluish color of the skin (cyanosis) as a sign of lack of oxygen.

Diagnosis of spiserørsatresi

The diagnosis made by symptombilledet, which should give a suspicion of malformation of the digestive tract. A soft flexible tube kept down through the nose and oesophagus. If it can not be brought further down than 10 cm, it is probably spiserørsatresi. An X-ray can establish the diagnosis definitively. Because of a possible fistula between air and oesophagus, there may be air in the stomach and intestines.

Consideration of spiserørsatresi

Misdannelsen be dealt with immediately as the untreated leads to death. The treatment is surgery in which spiserørets two ends syes together for an entire oesophagus. The child may have spisevanskeligheder up through childhood because of bad motor in spiserørsmuskulaturen and constrictions in the gullet.




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