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Definition and causes

Galdens function described in the section Livers, galdeblæren and pancreas . Atresi in galdegangene is a birth defect, which is that the parts of galdegangene missing. This leads to the bile can not be transported to galdeblæren and tolvfingertarmen in the normal way and the ensuing accumulation of galdefarvestoffet bilirubin in the liver and blood (see Jaundice of the newborn ). Misdannelsen occur in some. 1 in 14,000 newborns, and the cause is unknown.

Symptoms and complications Atresi in galdegangene

The symptoms of atresi of galdegangene comes first expressed 1-2 weeks after birth. The child develops jaundice, which is characterized by the fact that the whites of the eyes and skin takes on a yellowish color. Urinen can have a dark color, while the stools can be affarvet. The colors may vary.

In the beginning the child is unaffected and is growing normally, but if misdannelsen not treated, can cause significant poor growth, weight loss and cirrhosis. In severe jaundice can the level of bilirubin in the blood become so high that it gets through to the brain and brain damage, convulsions and coma.

Diagnosis of Atresi in galdegangene

Children who are suspected of atresi of galdegangene, hospitalised for further investigation. It is through a special billedundersøgelse (isotopskintigrafi) of the liver and galdegangene determine if any. lack of drainage of bile, and thus the diagnosis.

Consideration of Atresi in galdegangene

If misdannelsen include lack of respect from galdeblæren to the intestines, one can by surgery to create such a link. By malformations that can not be addressed by general surgery, may be the only one liver (see transplants ). There is today, in the world, made several levertransplantationer on children with promising results.




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