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Definition and causes

Misdannelser in the intestinal tract occurs most often in the form of stenoseoratresi . These can appear anywhere in the intestinal tract, from tolvfingertarmen to endetarmen.

25% of children with Downs syndrome have malformations in the intestinal tract. The causes of malformations in the intestinal tract is also unknown.

Symptoms of malformations in the intestinal tract

Symptombilledet depends a bit of where in the intestinal tract misdannelsen acting. By atresi level with the tolvfingertarmen appear yellowish-green vomit already during the first levedøgn of the newborn. By atresi in tyndtarmsniveau seems the symptoms first 2.-3. day with udspilet stomach and grønlige vomiting.

Complications of malformations in the intestinal tract

The complexity of misdannelsen is that opkastet could come down into the airways and obstructed breathing and cause pneumonia . In addition, the vomiting also greater fluid loss that can be fatal.


The diagnosis made on the basis of symptombilledet and an X-ray

Consideration of anomalies in the intestinal tract

Tilstanden can be serious without treatment. Misdannelsen can usually be corrected by surgery, so as to link the free ends of the gut by atresi and extends forsnævringen by stenose.
The children are released from the operation without further injury.


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