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Definition and causes

The lower mavemund (pylorus) is the crossing point between the stomach and tolvfingertarmen. It consists of a strong lukkemuskel through which food portions exhausted in the gut. By congenital narrowing of the lower mavemund (pylorusstenose) is lukkemuskelen highly magnified, so that the internal passage to the intestines is reduced. The consequence is that the food has found it difficult to get through from the stomach to tolvfingertarmen, where the important sustenance usually included. The child has difficulty obtaining nourishment no

Tilstanden are relatively frequent, approximately. 3 out of 1000 births, with a predominance of drengebørn. The reason for misdannelsen is unknown.

Symptoms and complications of pylorusstenose

The child gylper more and more, eventually walking over to the powerful, explosive vomiting. Opkastet is fetid with lumps of old and sour milk. The child's appetite fails nothing in the beginning, but the massive vomiting cause a child to become dehydrated and emaciated and gradually lose appetite. This aggravated the child's condition, as dehydreringen and underernæringen cause weakness, weight loss, disturbance in the salt-balance and poor well-being.

In addition, opkastet come down into the airways and stifle the child or cause pneumonia. Without treatment can be life-threatening condition.

Precautions for the pylorusstenose

If a child throws up with explosive vomiting, with content as described above, one should immediately consult a doctor. In order to avoid the child develops pronounced dehydration, can preventive try to give food more often and in smaller portions.

Diagnosis of pylorusstenose

The diagnosis made by sygehistorien and at the clinical study. The suspected the doctor performs an examination of the child have any food with 5% glucose, causing explosive vomiting and contractions in the stomach. The moving wave agtigt from left to right under the skin in the upper part of the stomach. Røntgen and ultralydssundersøgelse can also show forsnævringen and thus establish the diagnosis.

Consideration of pylorusstenose

Initially restored salt and liquid balance sheet through a drip. When the balance is restored, is a surgical procedure, which by that column lukkemuskulaturen create more space for the food can pass to the gut.

The forecast is very good.



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