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Definition and causes

Analatresi is a congenital through the (atresi) of passage (anus). Endetarmsåbningen can be closed by a film or missing. In many cases accompanied misdannelsen of an incompletely developed lukkemuskel, which normally controls the emptying of the intestine. There may, in some cases make alternative channels (fistula) from endetarmen to mellemkødet, urethra or vagina.

Approximately 1 in 5000 newborn babies have a birth defect of passage with a slight predominance of drengebørn. The cause is unknown.

Symptoms and diagnosis of malformation of passage

The newborn deliver usually the first stool within the first day. The first stool calledmekoniumand is grønsort and tjæreagtig. By malformation of passage, there is no departure of stools.
In the first medical examination of the newborn examined passage of malformations. The diagnosis made after the doctor has examined whether the passage between the passage and endetarmen is normal.

Consideration of malformation of passage

The treatment of analatresi is primarily surgical. It brought a colostomy Where the gut of an operation carried out to the skin in the abdomen so that the stools pass through an artificial opening to a bag on the stomach. Subsequent attempts to establish the link between the passage and endetarmen and close kolostomien again.

The forecast is relatively good, but if endetarmsåbningens lukkemuskel involved, it may be difficult to achieve a normal control of the stools.



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