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Definition and causes

By amøbedysenteri means an infection withEntamoeba histolytica. It is a éncellet parasite, aamøbeWho can settle in the wall of the colon and cause inflammation (inflammatory reaction) and ulceration. Entamoeba histolytica is not present in Denmark, and cases of the disease in Denmark therefore seen after traveling.


Amøben can occur in two forms: as free amøber, trophozoites, or as encapsulated cysts. It might, if you drink water containing cysts. The free amøber killed by stomach acid. Infection can also occur through vegetables washed in water containing the cysts. Once the cysts fall in the intestine, they converted to free amøber who either can multiply in the gut contents or in the gut wall. If amøberne just live in the intestinal contents, you have no symptoms, but it is infection bears, while a sampler


Symptoms of Amøbedysenteri

The symptoms can develop several days after ingestion of amøber, but it can also be asymptomatic carries for years before the disease develops. Hovedsymptomet is diarrhea. Feces are thin, smelly and often bloody. For long-term infection can diaréen be intermittent (see progress). There is usually also abdominal pain, especially when you have bowel movements. There is rarely a fever.


Precautions and diagnosis

They have no amøbedysenteri here, but it infects mostly in the tropics or places with poor hygiene conditions. The most important thing you can do to avoid amøbedysenteri, is to avoid drinking water or take vegetables washed in water in these areas. Be sure to buy water in bottles, also for cooking if it will not be cooked.


By prolonged diarrhea should always consult a doctor. The diagnosis made by the free amøber detected with a microscope in a fresh and hot stool sample. It is important that the test just is fresh and hot, while amøberne quickly die and so can not be detected. During periods without diarrhea can only cysts exist, and this does not require stool sample is hot.


Treatment of Amøbedysenteri

The only effective treatment is a cure it with antibiotics, called metronidazole. There may be some side effects associated with such a cure. Frequently only headaches and nausea, but in some cases there may be serious side effects from the central nervous system. In addition, it is important not to drink alcohol during the period in which the cure is at.


Select and complications

There can be no acute or chronic amøbedysenteri, and one can in fact also be infected without having symptoms. The acute form is by far the most common. The products from some days up to a couple of weeks, and the symptoms are as described above. The chronic form can last for years and appears at times with symptoms such as during the acute form, as well as periods without symptoms. The chronic form can be confused with other illnesses like.Ulcerative colitisorMorbus Crohn.


In some cases, ulceration of the intestine become so serious that there can be a perforation of the intestine, and this can develop into life-threateningperitonitis. Amøberne can in rare cases also spread to other tissues such as liver, lungs or brain and form abscesses (abscesses) or the skin causing ulceration. After spreading a rare time happens, it is most commonly to the liver. The mode is indicated by pain similar to the liver (the right side of the abdomen, just below the rib edge) and fever.








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