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Nail Fungi

Nail Fungi, in LatinTinea Unguium, Usually caused bydermatofytter, Which are fungi that live on the skin and in the surrounding area. Fungi are neither plants or animals, but represent their own biological family. The fungi that live on humans are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Under favorable growing conditions the fungi can suddenly multiply and attack the skin, hair or nails. The fungi excrete an enzyme that breaks down the hard keratin of skin, hair and nail cells. Hence, mutilated and discolored nails. Nail Fungi can also be caused by yeast as Candida albicans.

Symptoms and characteristics

A fungus of the nails seen by the neglen have coverings or become discolored yellow or whitish. In addition, the thickened anywhere and almost dissolved in other areas. There can be smart and itching, especially if the fungus has attacked the skin around the nails. Nail Fungi on the fingers is rare. At his feet is the most storetå neglen hit, but all tånegle can be attacked.

How do you get nail fungus?

Nail Fungi are often a result of athlete's foot, which is spreading, but it can also occur directly in nails. Nail Fungi do not spill, but athlete's foot infection is through direct and sometimes indirect contact (eg. In swimming pools or changing rooms). Infectious danger is real but very small and athlete's foot occurs most often by themselves because of increased growth conditions, for example. damp skin.

Nail Fungi like athlete's foot thrive best in humid conditions. Therefore it is particularly vulnerable to attack if you go in tight shoes. Both sneakers and socks of synthetic material reduces the ability of skin to breathe and creates good growing conditions for the fungus. Foot and nail fungus frames often young people and athletes, there sweating a lot about feet.


Conversely, athlete's foot can nail fungus does not disappear by itself, and it can be hard to come by. Have we suspect nail fungus, it is necessary to go to the doctor, who can look at neglen whether it is a fungus. If there is doubt, may take a small scraping of gastropods, which are sent to microscopy and cultivation of mushrooms. When the nail fungus is found, the doctor prescribes a fungicide (known antimykotikum) in tablet form.

The treatment can be quite lengthy and nails will only be good again when the new nail has grown up. Tånegle grows slowly and can go more than a year before neglen again looks quite normal out. Nail Fungi can come back and therefore to avoid athlete's foot and good growing conditions for nail fungus:

  • Be sure to give your feet plenty of fresh air and dry them thoroughly after bathing, in socks and shoes taken on.

  • Be sure to go in the airy footwear and avoid sneakers and socks of synthetic material.

  • Change like shoes and socks during the day.

  • If possible, use. powder or talc to keep your feet dry.

  • Use beach sandals in public washrooms - it reduces the risk of athlete's foot.

  • Be sure to treat athlete's foot, if not it disappears after a short time - you can get anti-fungal cream for athlete's foot in the OTC at the pharmacy.

If this advice is followed, there is far less risk that the nail fungus returns.

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