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Definition and causes

Inflammation of the nail bed is a common condition. It occurs mainly in people who work so hard with his hands in the water. The damp work makes nails and their surroundings vulnerable to bacteria and fungi, and created inflammation.

Bacteria (which is the most common cause) usually a sudden inflammation, while fungal infection is more lengthy. The bacteria can be many different types, while fungal infection almost always dueCandida albicans, A yeast, which in other contexts can be seen in several places on the body.

Symptoms of inflammation of the nail bed:

  • The skin around neglen becomes red, hot and stressed.

  • There may be pus forward along the fingernail.

  • Nail band remain, and it may cause inflammation allowed to expand to where neglen formed. If this happens it leads to deformities in the nails.

  • The neglen thick, irregular and red-brown.

  • There are a lot of pain.

Measures taken by inflammation of the nail bed

Make sure as far as possible in order to keep their hands dry. When moist or wet work this can be done with plastic gloves, and possibly could have a pair of cotton gloves, internally. Alternatively, you can use a little talc in the gloves. Be sure to use gloves also in contact with soap and irritating substances.

Treatment of inflammation in the nail bed

If inflammation caused by bacteria, which are treated with antibiotic-containing cream. There are also combination-creams, which also contains steroid. Fungal infections are treated with anti-cough medicine.

There will often, especially in the early process of bacterial betændelses modes, be used to empty the inflammation out. Prepare a small cut in the red, swollen area, which usually will ease right away. However, one should not even try their hand at similar, for example. pulling nails band loose, as this exacerbates the condition.

The prognosis is usually good, but since there is great risk that a new inflammation occurs at the same or a different finger, you should follow the advice in relief with care.


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