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In most cases hair loss is a quite natural phenomenon. In men,baldness strong hereditary condition. Hårranden shifted gradually higher on issen while the hair becomes thinner. In the end it leads to baldness.

In women the hair becomes progressively thinner throughout their lives. Both men and women can lose hair after having been hit by a heavy pressure or after-effect of surgery, illness or severe accident.

Hair loss may also occur with certain diseases. Hair may fall out after a severe illness or cease to grow simultaneously with the disease and decrease of about three months later. In most cases usually the hair to grow out again.

By longstanding and severe diseases in the thyroid (see thyroid and biskjoldbruskkirtlerne) and Jernmangelanæmi gives hair the impression of being depleted. The truth is that each hair thinner by these diseases, and therefore it is more thin hair out. Even in these cases, the hair's normal appearance again when the disease which has caused the change, is over. Other diseases, for example. Lichen planus may harm hårsækkene and leave bald spots where hair no l

A special form of spotted hair loss called alopecia areata. In severe cases may be as many spots and is as close to all hair on his head falls off. In most cases the hair grows out again after some time, but it happens to hair loss is permanent. In this case, the hair also change the look, so they will be stronger at the top. This is due to disturbances in hair growth. In rare cases they can be chronic and lead to permanently lose all kropsbeh


Most people get used to her hair becomes thinner over the years and accept it as a natural part to the aging process. If we are very bothered by the hair falls off, there are two options to remedy the damage. The simplest way to replace hair that has fallen is to get a backcomb or a wig. When treatment with the drug minoxidil which grows in some thin, fnugagtigt hair out. If you finish reading the hair disappears again, however. The growth comes up

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