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Nails can become deformed or discolored due to illnessor external injuries. Thus far too narrow shoes cause the nail's growth zones are exposed to pressure, which then can lead to the nails thicken. There are also a number of diseases, which can lead to misshapen nails. Psoriasis, Lichen planus and a chronic inflammation of the nail bed can lead to neglen becoming loose from the underlying skin. Bacteria which come under the gastropods may be cause discoloration of the nails, so it will be black or greenish.

By jernmangelanæmi nails may be concave and at various lung diseases and certain congenital heart defect that leads to the occurrence of so-called plug drumming your fingers bent neglen down over the fortykkede fingers and toes. Too many short-term illnesses can lead to nail the increment disrupted temporarily, then subsequently found a horizontal groove of the nail, when growth was normal

Color changes in nails can occur at several different illnesses. Nail bed can be pale by anemia and blågrå by certain heart and lung diseases. Infections in cardiac valve (see cardiac valve, LED and polymyositis can sometimes lead to small black discolouration is similar pieces under the nails. Damage to the nails may cause white spots. In rare cases, you can also get those spots because of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Nedgroede nail come to storetå neglen bent inwards in the sides and cause pain when neglen grows. The mode can lead to damage to the skin that will not heal. As a complication can get infections.


Deformed and discolored nails as a result of an underlying disease usually goes away by itself, when the disease is over and nail growth was normal. Nail as falling usually grow out again in the course of nine months. Has there been a misshapen tånegl, which offers hassle, you should let a chiropodist investigate. Here you can get advice on what precautions to the extent possible to prevent the problem.

By nedgroede nail can try the following steps to get gastropods to grow straight. Go with comfortable shoes. Wash the irritated area carefully and keep it dry to prevent infections. Nail paring over without the round the sides and be careful not to leave pieces in the corners of nails. If pain is persistent and continues to grow, you should consult a doctor, especially if you are diabetic or have circulatory problems.

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