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Definition and causes

When a hair grows inward under the skin instead of up through the skin surface, it can cause two modes:Pilonidalcysterandpseudofollikulitisbarbae.

Apilonidalcysteis an ingrown hair between the buttocks and anus, ie. just above the cross pin. It formed a cyst (a fluid-filled cavities). When this cyst becomes infected with bacteria, formed an abscess. Mode may be more common in men, especially young men with little kropsbehåring.

Pseudofollikulitis barbaeoccurs when hair shaved close, and thereby begin to grow inward. Mode may be more common among men with heavy dark skægvækst. There is not mainly an infection with bacteria, which by beard sickness (an inflammation of hårsækkene, most often caused staphylococci bacteria, injected through facial shaving systems), but shave the principles below apply to both diseases. Beard Pest-treatment may also include antibiotics

Symptoms of hair that grows inwards:


  • Pain and swelling between the buttocks.

  • The area becomes red and hot.

  • It may be difficult to sit down.

Pseudofolikulitis barbae

  • Small, red areas on the cheeks and chin.

  • Closure and pus-accumulation.

  • Itching and irritation.

Treatment of hair that grows inwards

Treatment of pseudofollikulitis barbae
First, it should be allowed to stand beard in 30 days, as the entrenched hair grow out completely. When you turn barbers themselves, you should only use the single-bladed barberskrabere or an electric trimmer. That's because the two-and three-bladed razors rocks hairs so short that they are easy to grow inward. Barber also along with hairs direction, this also reduces the amount of entrenched hair. Make sure you have a millisecond meter length of hairs (5 o'clock shadow) Right after shaving none, so is the length adjustment. In the very event it is worth considering laser treatment to remove the hair permanently entrenched.

Treatment of pilonidalcyste
Treatment of pilonidalcyster the operation. If the cyst has developed into an abscess with acute inflammation of, operating Monday acute in full anesthesia. It exhausts the matter and cleans the area. Afterwards an injured be allowed to entire from scratch, so you get a bandage on to be frequently changed.



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