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Definition and causes

Lungecancer defined as a malignant tumor (tumor without growth), which is formed in the lungs. There are several types of lung cancer, but by far the most common is the type that are deleted from cells in the bronchial tubes (luftvejsgrenene).

The main cause of lung cancer is undoubtedly smoking. 90% of the people who get lung cancer are former or current smokers. Storrygere are a particularly vulnerable group, with a daily consumption of more than 10-15 cigarettes increases the risk of lung cancer significantly. Other reasons are heavy air pollution , Working with asbestos and exposure to radiation.

Lungecancer is one of the most common cancers among both women and men. There is a trend that more women are affected, which may mean that there are more women smokers than men. There are about. 3500 cases of lung cancer in Denmark for years, and Denmark is the country in Scandinavia, which has the most cases per. year.

Symptoms of lung cancer

The problem of lung cancer is that the severe symptoms often show a very late stage when the tumour is considerably advanced.

Early symptoms, As the following, mistolkes often as a general bronchitis or pneumonia :

  • Cough.

  • Opspyt, bloody opspyt by prolonged cough.

  • Pain in the chest and possible. the back.

Symptoms of senstadiet:

  • Shortness of breath, seen when the tumor has blocked a major luftrørsgren.

  • Shortness of breath, can also be seen when there is tumorindvæskt in the nerves governing mellemgulvsmusklen (åndedrætsmusklen)

  • Synkeproblemer, seen when the tumor is pressing the gullet

  • Pain in the chest seen when the tumour grows into lungehinden . Pain in the shoulder and arm seen in the indvækst in rygradsknoglerne and the nerves which supply the arm.

Precautions and diagnosis

Are we storryger or have worked in a hazardous environment, as mentioned above, it should be extra attention to symptoms such as persistent cough may. with bloody opspyt. If you have questions about whether it's an infection or something malignant, it is advisable to seek their own doctor.

The doctor may stetoskopi hearing impaired breath on the sick side. By taking a X-ray can in most cases to see if there was a lung cancer. The undersøgelsemetode that visualizes the lungs best, however, is a CT-scan .

To get lungevævet studied for a malignant tumor, you must obtain a sample of lungevævet. It may be used bronchoscopy , Which is a kikkertundersøgelse through the trachea, where you can take a biopsy from the suspicious lung tissue. If the tumour is peripheral, close to the chest, can biopsien taken by sticking a small needle through the skin.

Consideration of lung cancer

On diagnosetidspunktet to 30% of patients operated. The following conditions are here in force: Before the first lungecanceren must be of a specific type, which represents about. 80% of lungecancertyperne (non-småcellede carcinomas). Then the tumour must not be grown into bone or grown into hovedpulsåren. Since we must ensure that there is sufficient operational lung tissue back after an operation, must have made a lungefunktionsundersøgelse before the operation.
In this way, doctors assess whether we can tolerate to get rid of the whole of the lung or only a part of it. The operation also remove lymph nodes along the trachea, hovedpulsåren and oesophagus in order to ensure that the cancer does not spread with lymfen.

By usingradiotherapyyou can reduce any pain, but it has no curative effect.

Kemoterapi used vast to the lungecancertype, which represents about. 20% of cases (småcellede carcinomas). It has a good soothing effect on pain and prolong the life.

Other smertelindre processes include the Notes of a network in the trachea to keep them udspændt so as to ensure good luftpassage.

Prevention of lung cancer

The most important preventive factor is smoking cessation. It is scientifically proven that smoking cessation prolong the life and prevents particular lung cancer from the day Monday to stop smoking. This means that even if we have smoked all their lives, the risk of developing particular lung cancer decreasethe day after that is stoppedWe are still at a higher risk than the group that has never been smokers.

There is much focus on asbestos in the workplace, and work Monday with the demolition of old asbestmateriale it is important that you are wearing the correct clothing and masks. It would also be an advantage to wear masks in high-luftforurenede areas.

Select and complications

Will Monday diagnosed with lung cancer, the prognosis is generally very poor. Life is very limited and those who live several years with lung cancer, is usually significantly impaired quality of life, as pain and reduced functionality frequently seen.






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