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Definition and causes

Aempyemis the name of a pusholdig mass in one of the body cavity. A empyem in the lungs formed in the so-calledpleurahule(lungehule), which is located between 2 sheets of lungens prevent (see Lungerne . Tilstanden seen mostly as a complication of pneumonia and can occur at the formation of fluid in the pleurahulen as a result of lungebetændelsen. The liquid subsequently infected with pusy bacteria.

It is primarilyanaerobicbacteria (not iltkrævende) streptococci and staphylococci , Which leads the state, and is often seen more than one type of bacteria at the same time. However, it may also be due to other conditions as lungeabsces or infection of the dead tissue after a previous blood clot in the lungs .

Symptoms of empyem

The symptoms can remind them you look at pneumonia, and the most frequent are:

  • High fever, which can be critical in temperature.

  • Pain in the chest.

  • Breathing difficulties and coughing.

If empyemet break through to the bronchial tubes (a luftrørsgren), there may come opspyt abundant.

Precautions and diagnosis

By long as the above symptoms, you should consult a doctor for examination. The doctor can make the diagnosis by taking an X-ray of the chest and listen to the lungs with a Stethoscope. It will also be available on the blood samples, whether there is infection in the body.

Consideration of empyem

Since empyemet lies between lungehindernes two magazines, one can treat by exhausting pusset with a needle or by the construction of a drain. In addition, there goes treatment with various antibiotics, introduced in lungehulen, and there can be rinsed with salt water. Antibiotics treatment is usually long (up to 6 weeks).

In some cases, it may be necessary to open up to the lung during surgery, and clean-up between the two lungehindeblade.

Select and complications

In most cases, the best forecast of early treatment, but generally it very much depends on the person's general condition and age. Elderly people and children appear to have serious progress.

In some cases, a lungeempyem become very serious and result blood poisoning , The organ in several organs, or spread to hjertehinden (perikardiet).

It can also be seen that the lung has problems to unfold due to the development of empyemet, or that it breaks into the lung, resulting in a lungekollaps (pneumothorax).

On several of the above complications, there is an increased risk that the condition is chronic.




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