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Definition and causes

Aabscessis a small round accumulation of pusholdig infection, a place where there is already a cavity in the body. Abscesser in the lungs occurs most frequently as a complication of pneumonia , But can also occur as a result of foreign or food in the airways. This is because often bevidsthedssvækkelse and therefore often seen as a result of the abuse of alcohol or drugs. In addition, there may be a lungeabsces in persons with lung cancer .

The disease affects most alcoholics and drug addicts, but can also affect people who have impaired immune systems. The infection occurs most often with the so-calledanaerobic(not iltkrævende) bacteria, streptococci and staphylococci , Which is known aspusfremkaldendebacteria, which have implications for treatment (see below).

Following the introduction of antibiotics is lungeabsces no longer an equally frequent complication of pneumonia, as this usually can be treated within abscessen develops.

Symptoms of lungebyld

The most common symptoms of lungeabsces are hard to distinguish from a genuine pneumonia.

There are usually observed:

  • Education sygdomsfornemmelse, muscle aches and chills.

  • High fever, which can be crucial.

  • Cough with opspyt which is smelly (possibly bloody opspyt).

  • Shortness of breath.

  • Stikkende pain in the chest (in some).

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have some of the above symptoms over an extended period, one should consult a doctor for examination and treatment. As a rule will be referred to the hospital because of the need to take an X-ray of the chest.

The doctor can make the diagnosis from the above picture and in some cases, it is necessary to supplement with a CT-scan , As abscessen can sit close to lungehinden and develop into a lungeempyem . This is an inflammation of the space between the lungs and lungehinden.

The doctor will also rule out that there is lung cancer , Which may also bloody opspyt.

In order to deal with the proper antibiotics, it is important to find out which bacteria in question. This is done by a kikkertundersøgelse of tract (bronchoscopy) or by sticking a thin needle through the skin to abscessen and examine the contents. Following the provision of bakteriearten goes treatment with antibiotics.

Consideration of lungebyld

A lungeabsces treated with antibiotics for a long time (up to 8 weeks) with continuous blodprøvekontrol of the body infektionstal. In rare cases, the medicine is difficult to penetrate for the bacteria, and it may be necessary operation.

Select and complications

A lungeabsces require prolonged treatment, but can usually be treated with a good result. There may be a smaller scars, which bylden sat, but it does not affect the subsequent lung function.

In rare cases, bylden referred lead lungeempyem, which, if it comes in the context of parts of luftrørsgrenene (bronchial tubes), can lead to a lungekollaps (pneumothorax).






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