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Definition and causes

Bronkierne is the extension of the trachea, which spreads out into the lungs and bronchial tubes are smaller in diameter, the longer the spreads out in lungevævet. Bronkiektasi is an extension of the medium bronchi, which often leads to slimtransporten away from the lungs becomes more difficult, and there sekretvæske accumulate in the lungs.

Bronkiektasi can transient seen in the context of pneumonia and a folded lung . For more chronic inflammatory conditions in the lung, where there is a destruction of muscles and elastic components of bronkievæggen, seen bronkiektasi more frequently.

Roughly speaking, it is felt that 50% of bronkiektasierne due to a previous infection in childhood, and 50% due to genetic diseases such as. cystic fibrosis . Bronkiektasier is not so frequent in Denmark.

Symptoms of bronkiektasi

There is typically the following symptoms:

  • Chronic cough with yellow / green opspyt.

  • There is often bloody opspyt.

  • In severe cases, opspyttet smell fælt.

  • There can be mild to moderate fever, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have a family member who is known with a chronic lungelidelse, and has even had many lungebetændelser, the above symptoms may indicate a bronkiektasi, and they should consult a doctor.

The doctor can listen to the lungs and send a sample of opspyt to the cultivation of bacteria to get closer to the diagnosis. The safest method to diagnose the disease is by conducting a CT-scan , Which visualizes the enlargement of the bronchial tubes and possible. the presence of small sekretansamlinger.

Consideration of bronkiektasi

Sekretansamlingen in the bronchial tubes is the optimum breeding ground for bacteria, and are therefore primarily treated with antibiotics. To use the right type of antibiotics, it is important to cultivate opspyttet to determine what type of bacterium in question. Behandlingstiden are a couple of weeks.
Since the bacteria can be difficult to combat, there are frequent relapse of infection.

In very severe cases, where the chronic cough and fever is so pronounced that the person is not getting his sleep, loss of appetite and become udmagret, an operation will be considered. Here, one removes the piece of the lung, where bronkieudvidelsen is. This means that the operation can only happen if the disease is localized to a very limited area of the lung.

Select and complications

The course very much dependent on the underlying disorder. It would be best to quit if you smoke and have repeated lungebetændelser and cough with yellow opspyt.





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