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PCOS is the most common hormonal / (endocrine) disorder in women of childbearing age. In fact, approximately. 20% of all women and some PCO. 15% of all women have PCOS.


PCO is the abbreviation for polycystic ovary (ovarian), which applies to the many small cysts (ægblærer) as typically seen when ultrasound scans a PCO-ovary. It has often PCO on both ovaries - but some women have it only on one.


PCOS is the abbreviation for polycystic ovary syndrome, which means that in addition to having PCO also has one or more symptoms that are associated with PCOS.


PCOS was initially described in 1935 by doctors Stein and Leventhal. The syndrome may be very different expression, and therefore has until the summer of 2003 prevailed considerable disagreement about how the syndrome was defined. There has thus been a general north European and an overall North American definition and different variations from these definitions. This has made it difficult for the evaluation and comparison of scientific studies.


Now, however, agreed on a common definition, with 22 PCO-leading researchers from around the worldESHRE andASRM auspices have agreed on a definition which is a compromise of the North European and North American definition. The group's consensus around a definition presented at the European fertility Congress (ESHRE) in Madrid the summer of 2003.


PCOS at the World Level

PCOS varies in appearance and presentation around the world and within different racial groups within the same country. There are particular a high prevalence of PCOS among women in the Middle East, whereas it is more rare in Asia.

That is the question on the differences only arise out of genetic variation, or about diet and lifestyle factors also play a role.



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