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There is often more within the same family who have PCO, and strongly suggests that it is hereditary - but how it is inherited is not completely known yet.

Genetic studies suggest that a great many genes are involved in PCOS and that these genes seems to vary with the individual woman to have some effect on many PCOS genes and a few others. Therefore, women with PCOS also very different.

The genes that have been focusing on is the importance of genes:

  • Androgens production and sensitivity of androgenic effects (chromosome 15)

  • Insulin production and sensitivity and the effects of insulin. (Chromosome N ° 11)

  • The regulation of weight and energy consumption


As shown, PCOS is a very complex condition, and we are not ready to clarify how it all hangs together.

Fortunately, there will be researched around the world view. still to better understand, treat and live well with PCOS.

We sincerely hope that these pages and PCO Association can help spread awareness and understanding of PCOS.

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