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There is, fortunately, several things you can do to affect its PCOS and insulin resistance. There are factors that act negatively, and factors which have a positive effect on the state. These factors are actually the commonly known lifestyle factors that also apply to all others, but which is especially important in PCOS!


Obesity (BMI> 30) works on aggravating PCOS, while the fatty tissue forming TNF (tumor necrosis factor), which reduces muscle tissue sensitivity to insulin and thus exacerbating insulin resistance.

In addition, there is an increased metabolite of androgens to estrogens, the more fat there is. Weight loss has a beneficial effect, because it increases insulin sensitivity.


Lack of exercise seems aggravating to PCOS and may cause insulin resistance. Motion has a very important effect of both overweight and thin PCO'ere since Monday from the muscle tissue by muscle activity releases substances that increase insulin sensitivity.


If you have problems with appetite regulation, and would like to lose weight, a dietician help put together a diet that seeks a stable blood sugar and a longer-lasting feeling of satiety.

Smoking, alcohol, coffee and stress have any negative impact on PCOS.


Source: PCO Association,



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