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Definition and causes

Damage to the urinary bladder or urethra, resulting in leakage of urine in the surrounding tissues or into the abdominal cavity.

Damage to the urinary bladder is not frequent, as it is well protected by the pubic bone. The most frequent cause is a violation of pelvic bones, for example. in traffic accidents or other violent impacts. Broken bones can be sharp and cause damage to the bladder as well as urethral. In men urethra can also be damaged by violence against sexual organs (kick in the crotch, fall on a bicycle seaweed, etc.).

Symptoms and complications of external damage to the urinary bladder or urethra

Damage to the bladder as well as urethral is usually very painful. It will often be impossible to urinate in normal quantities and can seep blood from the urethral opening. Indiscriminately top of the bladder may cause urine leakage in the abdominal cavity, leading to peritonitis (peritonitis) with severe abdominal pain. This is a very serious condition, which at worst can lead to shock with life-threatening drop in blood pressure. Damage to the urethra is less serious.

Treatment of external damage to the urinary bladder or urethra

Treatment must be carried out during hospitalization in a hospital. Bladder injuries from accompanying peritonitis require immediate surgery, where the bladder stitched. In all cases of urinary leakage, regardless of location and quantity, given treatment with antibiotics to prevent infection.

You will usually bring a catheter (a thin hose connected to a bag) through the urethra or through the abdomen directly into the bladder, to empty the bladder and prevent urinary leakage. Catheter may be a while as the damage dealt or heal up.

Urinrørslæsioner can often grow together, while total overrivninger of the urethra requires sewing together by an operation. When healed of the urethra risk that the development urinrørsforsnævring.


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