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Definition and causes

Kidneys may be damaged as a result of a sharp blow to the side or back. Top layer is of such a degree that the ribs or spine at the same time break. Usually results in the battle bleeding inside the kidney tissue, but there may also be demolished hole in the kidney or urinary leaders, who are stuck in the kidney of kidney basin. Finally, the large blood vessels, which runs to the kidneys, tearing of. Kidney Damage seen most related to traffic accidents and other violent influences.

Symptoms of external damage to the kidneys and urinary leaders

Minor injuries will typically provide pain in the side (flank) or the side of his back, similar to renal location. There will often be traces of blood in the urine. When broken ribs or spine, there will naturally be pain here.

Complications of external damage to the kidneys and urinary leaders

Major damage to the kidneys and blood vessels may be flexible dramatically and require emergency surgery to stop bleeding, which can be fatal. Similarly, damage to the renal pelvis and urinary leader require sewing together during surgery to prevent leakage of urine to the abdominal cavity. Urine leakage can lead to peritonitis (peritonitis) with severe abdominal pain. This is a very serious condition, which at worst can lead to shock with life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

When the kidneys normally helps to regulate blood pressure, kidney damage can cause high blood pressure. This is especially true if the kidney before have been injured or ill.

Treatment of external damage to the kidneys and urinary leaders

Most kidney damage dealt only with bed rental, careful monitoring of blood pressure and regular control of bleeding with ultrasound examinations. This will heal even relatively large damages up after a week or two. Operation may be required by extensive kidney damage (see above).

Nyren can at worst be impossible to rescue, and we have to operate it away or parts of it. Before removing the kidney, we must ensure that the other kidney functioning as it should. Make it what you can live a perfectly normal life with only one kidney.

After a kidney injury should have checked the kidney function after a few months and go for regular blood pressure checks.


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