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Definition and causes

Blærebetændelse is the most common form of infection of the urinary tract. It occurs almost always because bacteria migrate from the skin up through the urethra to the bladder, where they can multiply and create infection. This is usually the bacteria through the intestine, which set in the skin in the area.

Blærebetændelse seen almost exclusively in women, because female urethral, and thus the road to the bladder, is shorter than men (seeblærebetændelse in women). Frequent blærebetændelse orblærebetændelse in menIs available by drainage barrier. Either because of narrowed, urinary tract (eg.enlarged prostate)or an endbladder tumor. Congenital malformation of the urinary tract can causeurinary tract infections in children.

Symptoms of blærebetændelse

Frequently, small urination, which often is painful is the main symptoms. The urine can be dark or cloudy. There may be fever, up to 38.5 degrees, but temperature can also be normal, especially by returning blærebetændelse.

Precautions and diagnosis by blærebetændelse

Monday experiencing symptoms of cystitis, skin, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water and urinate frequently, to scavenging through the urinary tract. This removes bacteria faster. However, one should also go to your doctor, who makes a diagnosis by a urine or symptoms alone. Is there blood in the urine, you should always check with a doctor.

Treatment of blærebetændelse

Isolated cases treated with antibiotics and the symptoms disappear quickly. As mentioned speeded up the process by drinking plenty of water. Checks are not necessary and nearly all recover completely without injury. For recurring cases of blærebetændelse or by blærebetændelse in children and the elderly should lead to the control of urine 2-3 weeks after treatment, and should perform a study of the urinary tract with a specialist.

Prevention and complications blærebetændelse

Seeblærebetændelse in women,blærebetændelse in menandurinary tract infections in children.

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