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Definition and causes

In the mouth rear of the throat are two lymph nodes, which is better known as the tonsils. Mandlerne is part of the body's immune system. The sore throat is meant an inflammation of the tonsils and mucous membranes around this.

Halsbetændelse caused most different viral infections and infection with streptococci . However, it is the virusbetingede sore throat, which are more frequent.

Halsbetændelse can also be a symptom of other diseases. It can occur in connection with scarlet fever , diphtheria and mononukleose (kyssesyge) . There may also be mild sore throat with influenza , measles and pneumonia .

Symptoms of sore throat in children

Halsbetændelse is reflected by the fact that almonds are sore, swollen, red and may have white coverings on them. The child has difficulty swallowing because of pain. Children can have pain, there rays to the ears. Fever and headaches may occur. Often throwing the baby up and stomach.

Complications of sore throat in children

As a rule has been sore throat for a few days, and then the symptoms to be easier. However, there may be complications of sore throat caused by streptococci. The bacteria can spread and form abscesses in the neck, and give middle and at worst blood poisoning .

In the long run can cause a streptokokinfektion rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis .

Diagnosis and precautions

As the rule goes sore throat over by itself and requires no special precautions. But if the symptoms are severe, you should contact your doctor, who can find out if it is a bacterial infection or viral infection. We are fairly security exclude a bacterial sore throat by making a strep-A test. Here grafted on almonds with a swab, and the doctor can then with the same look, whether it is streptococci.

Consideration of a sore throat in children (Tonsillitis)

We can give penicillin in 10 days if halsbetændelsen is caused by bacteria. Virusbetinget sore throat can not do otherwise than by the relief of symptoms and eat soft and liquid diet and wait until it passes.



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