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Definition and causes

On the back wall of næsesvælget there are no lymphatic tissues. Lymfevæv is a collection of cells that are part of the body's immune system. During childhood growing and eroding lymfevævet, which is quite normal.

Polypper the lymphatic tissues, which has grown into an abnormal degree or are inflamed. Polypper is also called for adenoide vegetationer.

Recurring tract infections appears to be one of the reasons for polyppernes formation. We also believe that there may be hereditary and allergic causes.

Polypper typically occurs from 1 to age at about school age.

Symptoms of polyps

Polypperne can close the nose more or less, leading to the child starts breathing with the mouth. The child will have a nasal voice, poor sleep with snoring. Cough at night is typical.
Because of polypperne can get hearing impairment and middle , cold and sinusitis .

Precautions and diagnosis

The clinical study suggests in the direction of polyps, if the symptoms with nasal voice and vejtrækning with the mouth occurs. The doctor can see polypperne by looking into the throat and through the nose.

Consideration of polyps

First and foremost waiting Monday and see if polypperne eroding of itself. If polypperne accompanied by infections, can be treated with antibiotics. Recurring polyps operating Monday away. You do not need to be hospitalized for the operation which is conducted in full anaesthetic. There are rare complications of the operation, which may arise twang in efterforløbet. Her speech therapist may be necessary.

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