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Definition and causes

Vuggedød defined as the sudden unexpected spædbarnsdød no explicable reason. The causes of sudden infant death is unknown, but there are several risk factors that have been mentioned in connection with it. There is thus seen a connection between smoking in the home and sudden infant death syndrome. There seems to be a greater risk if the child is in the stomach and sleep, and if it becomes overheated.

Most deaths take place in 2-4 months of age and environment drengebørn a little more often than girls.

Precautions for the sudden infant death syndrome

After we have started to advise parents on preventive measures, the number of vuggedødsfald fallen dramatically. Health has published the booklet "Vuggedød preventable" , Which provides guidance on the subject.

3 simple advice can include:

  • Add always your baby to sleep on their backs.

  • Do not smoke during pregnancy - and not your child exposure to tobacco smoke after birth.

  • Avoid your child will have it hot.

Losing a child is an unprecedented great emotional strain, and parents need care and support from friends and relatives. The event is so shocking that also needed professional help in the form of krisebearbejdning with a psychologist.

If a child dies suddenly, it is necessary to carry out an autopsy to determine the cause of death.



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