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Definition and causes

Bleudslæt are very frequent in infants. As a rule udslættet caused by irritation of the skin from diapers, faeces and urine. It can also be caused by an allergic reaction to the diapers, detergents and the like. Children with dry skin , børneeksem and skællende eczema particularly vulnerable to bleudslæt. Trigger reason may be thin afføringer and delayed bleskift.

Symptoms of bleudslæt

Udslættet occur around the abdomen, mutilation, buttocks, back passage and inderlårene and is sharply defined. The area is red and væskende, and by bleskift can often smell of ammonia that causes the eyes to take in water.

Complications by bleudslæt

Bleudslættet may be complicated by bacterial and fungal infections and may make it difficult to treat. However, it is rarely serious, but with drengebørn the foreskin on the penis may be irritated and lift up, so it svier and hurts when wet.

Consideration of bleudslæt

Treatment consists of preventive skincare . Mild attacks of rash can be treated with zinksalve, suffered after it has been washed and dried the area. Zinksalve can be obtained over the pharmacist. If the condition does not improve within a few days with the treatment described, should contact sundhedsplejersken or any. the doctor for advice and possibly medication, which can speed healing. Severe cases are treated with steroidcreme or tjæreholdig cream.




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