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Definition and causes

Many newborns develop this very common skin disease. The disease usually occurs during the three first months of life and acts as skællende eczema most often on their heads, but also in the face, in the fold of the neck, armhulerne and in lyskefolden (see also Eczema , On general information). The reasons for arp is not known.

Symptoms of skællende eczema in children (arp)

Hårbunden will be dry and skællende within the first life. Then spread the fat, skællende eczema themselves in the face, particularly in the eyebrows and næsefløjene, behind the ears, neck, under the arms and in bleregionen. In some cases, eksemet evolve dramatically and low large red sharply demarcated areas, which may resemble psoriasis .

Arp is usually not annoying and does not affect the health of the case. In rare cases, the affected areas become inflamed resulting in discomfort.

Consideration of arp

As a rule waning eksemet in a few months, and required no medical attention. General care of eksemet can be recommended to prevent infections. Eksemet kept clean and dry. Large scale can be softened up with babyolie and subsequent kæmning with tættekam remove most of skins.

In more difficult cases to find the doctor who prescribe hornopløsende ointment and / or mild steroidcreme possibly in combination with fungicide. Speciallægebehandling might be the case for complex infections and lack of efficacy of treatment.


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