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Definition and causes

Many children are born with brands of different colored skin on the body. Marks is in everyday language better known as marks. A modermærke is a pigmentforandring in the skin, which is congenital or occurs just after birth and not disappear until several months after.

The reason for the emergence of marks and their development is unknown.
There are two types of marks:angiomer(tumours of the tank) andpigmented nævi(flat irregular brown pigmentation).

Symptoms and went marks in children

This group of marks consisting of storkebid, jordbærmærker and portvinsmærker Storkebid are frequent in neonates. The show itself as a flat, pale mark between øjenbrynene or neck. This type usually disappears by 18 months of age.

Jordbærmærkerare also frequent at birth, where they are shown as a small flat, red dots. These dots can grow together and become larger, raise up and form the wounds. They can be found all over the body, but is typically located in the head, back and neck. As a rule disappear brands around 5 years of age.

Portvinsmærkerare rarer and usually permanent. Marks are red, irregular plamager that can be groomed, especially if they are located in the face.

Pigmenterede nævi
This group is what we usually call the marks. They are flat or slightly elevated mørkebrunt-pigmented irregular spots. These spots may, in rare cases grow and develop into cancer ( modermærkekræft ).

Consideration marks in children

Most marks will disappear with time and should not be treated. Jordbærmærker on the eyelids are usually treated after a few weeks because of the risk of exposure of the child's vision.

Permanent marks as portvinsmærkerne can be treated with laser surgery, usually during childhood to avoid scarring.

Precautions for the marks in children

All the marks should be checked after the change in size, shape and color. If you are concerned about a modermærke, it is a good idea to consult a doctor.



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