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Definition and causes

With pulmonalklapstenose meant a narrow passage of blood from the right heart to lungekredsløbet. Right heart must pump harder to maintain lungekredsløbet with the risk of heart failure.

The reasons for pulmonalstenose and other congenital heart disease described in Native heart failure .

Symptoms of congenital pulmonalstenose

See Native heart failure. Trykbelastningen right of the arteries can give heart failure, but the heart is, in fact, by itself difficult constrictions, good to compensate by working harder. Only in adulthood is developing heart failure and symptoms of this (see heart failure ).

A critical pulmonalstenose of the newborn is expressed as cyanosis (bluish coloration of the skin due to lack of oxygenation of the blood) and without treatment can lead to death.

Mild constrictions which is usually no symptoms


The diagnosis made by the doctor listens to the heart after a characteristic mislyd, the X-ray of the chest, ECG And a echocardiography (a ultralydsundersøgelse where you can see the heart movements).

Treatment and progress of congenital pulmonalstenose

Pulmonalstenose treated by surgery, either a removal of a heart valve or a ballonudvidelse of forsnævringen. The risk of forsnævringen return is small.



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