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Definition and causes

Coarctatio bifurcatio aortae, CA, is a narrowing of hovedpulsåren aorta. It represents around. 10% of all congenital heart disease. Of course, there are several degrees of forsnævringen. and the consequences are also different. Forsnævringen means that large parts of the body gets a reduced flow, including the vital organs as the kidneys and liver.

The reasons for aortaforsnævring and other congenital heart disease described in Native heart failure .

Symptoms and the process of Aortaforsnævring

Children with aortaforsnævring may be asymptomatic.
Debuttidspunkt of symptoms depends on forsnævringsgraden. Severe narrowing or even through the aorta, may have devastating consequences of severe heart failure and death.

Less constrictions can lead to heart failure later in life, but often compensates the heart good to work harder to overcome the increasing resistance, with few signs to follow. Some children may have pain in the legs of effort.

Diagnosis of Aortaforsnævring

Aortaforsnævring can be diagnosed by a thorough clinical examination of the newborn. There may be a lack of pulse in the legs, and blood pressure is higher in the right arm in relation to the legs. Røntgen Chest and ECG used as tools.

Consideration of Aortaforsnævring

It stabilizes the newborn with heart failure with drugs, before you make an operation, which removes forsnævringen and correct the orbit. We aspire to operate within the first year of life, because it avoids the permanent damage to the bodies, which occurs because of reduced flow.



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