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Definition and cause

Varicose vein is udposede, twisted and inadequate superficial veins (veins). They are predominantly on the inside of the thigh, orlower leg. They are often harmless but can be very cosmetic nuisance.
Veins is the system of veins that lead blood back to the heart after it has afiltet in body tissues.

On the stand, there are two sets of veins. The deep veins, which run between the muscles, which are not visible, and the superficial veins, which run in under the skin, which often are visible. By overweight, it may be difficult to see the superficial veins. Between the two venesystemer are communications in the form of so-called leg veins (perforanter).

The pressure in the veins are very low in the supine position, and by standing position increases the pressure on the blood in the legs of the foregoing veneblod. This pressure counteract back over the heart. Veins is built with so-called flaps, which only allows the blood to run one way - towards the heart. There are also applauding in the perforante veins, so blood can only run from the superficial to the deep veins. The deep veins are located in close relation to the large benmuskulatur, and when it is used, cool

If errors occur in venesystemet, blood can accumulate and form the visible udposninger on the superficial veins. We share the varicose vein in primary and secondary varicose vein. The primary is seen as a result of leaking veneklapper, and it is very common to have primary varicose vein to a greater or lesser extent.

Secondary varicose vein is a result of illness in a place other than the superficial veins, and seen, for example. by a blood clot in a deep vein in the leg. This in turn can give damage to the flaps in the superficial veins, and give rise to varicose vein.

Varicose vein is a very frequent disease, and up to 50% of the adult population have these. Åreknudehyppigheden increases with age.
During pregnancy, many women who develop extensions to benets veins, these will often disappear after giving birth (see Åreknuder during pregnancy).

There is twice as high incidence of varicose vein in women than in men, probably because of earlier pregnancy. There is some hereditary link associated with varicose vein.

Varicose vein can also be seen in the veins around the end of the intestine (hæmorroider), and in the vagina (often during pregnancy). In severe liver disease, can cause varicose vein in the esophagus.

Symptoms of varicose vein

Varicose vein seen in an upright position as blue, twisted udposninger on the superficial veins on the shin and topside. At each small varicose vein may be the only symptom of cosmetic nature. Outright symptoms shown by:

  • Pain.

  • Fatigue and feeling heaviness in the legs.

  • Seizures and unrest in the legs can occur at night.

At the secondary varicose vein, for example. by a embolism deep in the leg, can also be seen swelling of the lower and ankles. There may be browning and lumps in the region, and ultimately skinnebenssår. There may develop a special form of eczema (staseeksem), giving redness, itching and scaly skin.


When the veins extended in a varice, it leads to a change of blood flow, and a change of venens inner surface. This means that platelets have a greater tendency to clot together, and which can form a varicose vein thrombosis in. This may irritate karvæggen, and developed a superficial årebetændelse. This is usually harmless, and move within a few weeks.

An enlarged vein may rupture, either spontaneously or by a blow on the leg. It gives a strong bleeding, but often will seem more dramatic than it is (see treatment).

As mentioned symptoms are under development by skinnebenssår a serious complication, particularly secondary varicer.

Precautions and diagnosis

Has it been found varicose vein, it is a good idea to avoid long periods of standing or sitting with legs hanging loose. Has there been a profession that offers that are much, it's often important to use his venepumpe. It can be done by going around a bit, if possible, or stand and tilted slightly on their toes to empty the veins of blood.

If possible, one should keep breaks the legs raised in the air, and in the evening may help to have legs lying on a few pillows.
Do we have the tendencies to swollen legs, it is advisable to use elastic support stockings, which supports venepumpen.

The diagnosis made by the physician on the typical appearance, and by squeezing the blood back out of the vein, it is easy to see the clamshell, which is leaking. It may be necessary to examine the veins with ultrasound, to find the defective valves.

Is varicose vein deep veneblodprop or other illness in the deep veins, it may be necessary to perform a shock. Here sprayed a røntgentæt contrast fluid into the veins so that the veins, their flaps, and possibly. jams, can be seen on an X-ray.

Treatment of varicose vein

In lighter cases, the aim of åreknudebehandlig to avoid symptoms and the development of varicose vein. You will be invited to follow the guidelines mentioned in the cautions. Support Socks is an important tool in reading, and it may be necessary to sleep with them and with their legs slightly elevation.

Will the primary varicose vein very debilitating, surgery may be an option. The aim of the operation is to remove varicose vein, but simultaneously to remove the damaged valves, which provide varicose vein. Remove only the varicose vein, there is a high risk of varicose vein come back.

The operating doctor will often choose a method which built two cuts. One in the groin, where the largest of benets superficial veins leading into the deep vein, and a cut in varicose vein. This will take a wire into the vein, and fastened at one end of venestykket. This makes it possible to withdraw the entire venestykket, with varicose vein, out. The method is calledstripping.

Venestykket can easily be dispensed with, because other veins will grow larger and take over the function of the missing vein. Simultaneously, it can be chosen to cut other visible varicose vein, and it may make sense to tie the perforante veins, which have leaking valves, thus causing the varicose vein.

One user in some cases injection of a chemical that can get the veins to glue together and close. This substance is very toxic and can be damaging if it comes in the deep veins or in other tissues. After surgery, it is important that the patient bears support stockings in a minimum of 6 weeks, but much like longer.

If varicose vein occurs because of a deep veneblodprop, stripping is not recommended, since it can further prevent blood left over from the leg. After treatment of basic disease will support stockings to be the predominant treatment of varicose vein.
If a varicose vein burst and begins to soften, it is important to get my leg up. The low pressure in the veins makes a bleeding stops at elevation above heart level. Varicose vein is compressed with a bandage and one should consult a doctor who can give a proper dressing, and consider any other treatment.





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