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Knoglemarven split in the yellow and red bone marrow.

The red bone marrow:
In the red bone marrow is the formation of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) and the white blood cells . Similarly is the formation of platelets (platelets) in bone marrow.

All the cells are formed by divisions and the specific development of a common stem cell .

There is a very high blood flow in marven, and the formation of the cells is conducted in the space between the smallest blood vessels (capillaries). When the cells are fuldmodnet, they can migrate into the bloodstream, where they perform their specific functions.

The movement of blood cells is enormous, and, for example. In addition, 2 million red cells per second. This blodcelledannelse controlled by many different growth factors, and he also erytrocytters erytropoietin (EPO). The formation of red blood cells can, for example. increased up to 10 times in case of bleeding or haemolysis (destruction of red blood cells). The infections can also be seen increase in the formation of the white blood cells.

In adults, found the red bone marrow primarily in bækkenets, spine and chest bones, and in the upper part of overarmensknoglen and femur. The rest of the bones in the arms and legs are essentially the yellow marrow (see later). In newborn babies and small children are all bone marrow red.

By knoglemarvsbiopsi (knoglemarvsundersøgelse) is typically samples from the red bone marrow in the basin or the sternum to contribute to the determination of a blood disease.

The yellow bone marrow:
The type of bone marrow consists primarily of fats, and here there will be no formation of blood cells.

Blodcellesygdomme in bone marrow

The following section focuses on blood disorders that affect the blood cells in bone marrow. There may be talk about diseases that affect all cell lines, such as Granulocytopenia, Aplastic anemia and polycytæmi And diseases that only affect the individual cell types such as multiple myeloma and agranulocytosis .




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